5 easy steps to get the perfect tire shine

Let’s face it, road conditions are terrible especially in heavy traffic cities, anything that’s close to the ground gets dirty pretty quickly, especially the rims. Therefore it’s important not to oversight maintaining your wheels. Generally, you can’t really rely on regular car wash soap and even with high-pressure wash, due to the fact that brake dust get accumulated inside the rims. However with special care and tips we are sharing in this article, your wheels will be shining like a pair of brand new shoes in no time!


Most people forget to clean their wheels thoroughly because it’s quite difficult to clean without proper technique. Especially all those years of accumulating brake dusts with those tough stains.

Note that it’s actually better to clean the wheels first before cleaning the body of your vehicle, because it’s the dirtiest part and you can dry the entire car at the same time in the end.

Step 1

Choose the right cleaning product, it’s best to use less aggressive products, the more aggressive it is, the higher risk damaging the surface of the wheels. Although it’s faster to clean with more corrosive product, but to protect the look of the rims, afterall we want your rims to look just as new!


Step 2

Spray evenly onto the metal part of the rims only. Avoid spraying on the body of your vehicle to avoid paint damage. Let it sit for few minutes and wait for the chemical reaction to soften the brake dust and dirt.


Step 3

Take your sponge or soft towel (socks are good cleaning tool too!), also remember to wear gloves as the cleaning products might damage your skin. Clean by rubbing corners and surfaces of the rims. This action allows you to get rid of dirts or stains that are accumulated over the years. It is recommended to clean often, as the longer the stain/brake dusts sits, the more difficult it is to clean.



Step 4

Use high pressure water to rinse your wheels. Then you can start cleaning the rest of the body.


Step 5

After rinsing the excess soap of the body, it’s time to dry! When drying your wheels, some users may put rim wax on the surface of the wheels just to give it some extra shine, that is up to you!



Without getting new wheels, these DIY tips should let you enjoy some new “shoes”! Why not get a car detailing service  this year?