Dirty Secrets: Can Car Detailing Make Rust and Stains Disappear?

Dirty Secrets: Can Car Detailing Make Rust and Stains Disappear?
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No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, it’ll develop both rust and stains at some point in its lifespan. Rust is a natural occurrence that all car owners will have to deal with, as the metal materials they’re made of will eventually rust with time. Meanwhile, stains can come from mud, food, drink, and more.

Using dish soap, brushes, and hot water is not recommended for car washing due to the damage it can cause. Additionally, rust is problematic, as there could be much more rust on your car than is immediately visible.

Here’s how a car detailing company can help make your ride look good as new.

Dangers of Rust

Rust develops on steel when oxygen and moisture meet iron particles. When this happens, the steel begins to corrode and naturally return to its unrefined state. As it progresses, the rusty item breaks down, which can prove especially dangerous on the road.

Some chemicals commonly used on streets, such as road salt, can speed up the corrosive process. Leaving mud on your vehicle also holds moisture against the metal parts, which leads to rust.

Left unchecked, and these rusted areas can easily spread throughout your entire vehicle. Many people have found themselves on the highway when they realized a portion of their car’s undercarriage had completely fallen away.

The best way to deal with corrosion is to catch it early. You can easily remove rust with some specialized cleaners and steel wool or a wire brush. However, there could be more rust hiding in areas that you don’t have easy access to.

Car Detailing Definition

A car detailing service goes beyond a normal car wash to address problems both inside and out. The aim is to keep your vehicle in its best possible condition by removing contaminants and polishing up the exterior.

While it doesn’t help much with mechanical issues, good auto detailing can make your car look better than it has in years.

The average cost for basic car detailing will run you anywhere between $50 and $150, depending on the vehicle size and the services you purchase. Experts recommend you get a vehicle detailed at least once a year. It’s especially important if you’re looking to sell your vehicle in the near future.

How a Car Detailing Service Addresses Rust and Stains

Since car detailing functions much like an extensive and deep cleaning service, how do they go about dealing with lingering problems like rust and stains?

As previously mentioned, you can deal with rust at home with the right tools. However, proper training is required to get rid of rust for the long term.

The first thing a car detailing company will do is remove any paint from the affected areas. A grinder with sandpaper can easily take off the thickest layers of paint and primer.

Next, a metal grinding wheel is used to get into pits and remove dense rust from your vehicle. After most of the rust has been removed, they’ll sand the surface by hand to make sure it’s nice and smooth. Soap and water help to remove any leftover debris, and a bare metal primer is applied.

Once your vehicle is rust-free, primer and paint are reapplied.

Stain removal is equally thorough but also much more effective than trying to do so yourself. First, they remove the mats, upholstery, and other potentially stained pieces to identify any and all stains. It’s also much easier to clean them.

The upholstery and mats are vacuumed to remove any loose debris, and everything is shampooed. Your detailing company will use a brush and powerful soap to clean and remove any stains they find. Once dried, the pieces are vacuumed again to get out any remaining particulate.

Car Detailing Benefits

Sending your car in to get detailed has many benefits that make it well worth the cost.

For one, it helps to preserve and fix your paint job as it wears away over time. Rust tends to eat away at both your car’s metal and paint, making it look dirty and neglected. An auto detailing service can safely remove any debris as well as apply professional-grade wax to protect your next paint job.

In addition to making your car look nice, auto detailing also helps to enhance your car’s performance and increase its overall lifespan. Depending on what you pay for, you can expect them to clean out your engine. Your car will run much better with less dust and dirt working against it.

Car owners can also expect some health benefits after the interior has been cleaned since there will be much less dust getting moved around by your air conditioner.

Other Car Detailing Options

Pricing for car detailing depends on the car being serviced as well as the services you require. A Sedan will generally cost less than getting an SUV or Minivan serviced.

Interior cleaning may include window cleaning, shining your dashboard and door panels, deep cleaning and conditioning leather upholstery, and more.

Exterior detailing breaks down into three categories.

The basic package takes a half-hour and includes an exterior hand wash and wheel cleaning. Regular servicing adds on tire degreasing and the application of a sealant on your paintwork to preserve it. The premium package can take up to 3 hours and can help maintain a new car look.

Your local car detailing company should have its prices listed on its website.

Remove Rust and Stains Today

Don’t feel like you need to live with rust or stains as a permanent car decal. There are ways to deal with them while also improving how your vehicle looks and functions.

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