COVID-19 health & safety policy

To protect the health & safety of the community, customers and our staff, all interior service booking must have steam cleaning service. With 100ºC  steam cleaning, all interior areas will be sanitized. Give us a call if you have any further questions.

Car Detailing Pricing

Interior Detailing

  •  estimated time: 3 hours
  • Detailed vacuum
  • Steam cleaning (steering wheel, shift knob, air vent, window switches)
  • Stain-removal treatment
  • Odor-removal treatment
  • Interior wipe-down
  • Trunk cleaning
  • Floor mat cleaning
Sedan – $140
5-Seated SUV – $160
7-Seated SUV – $200
Van – $200

Exterior Wash

  •  estimated time: 40 minutes
  • 3 step pre-rinse to prevent marring & scratches
  • Exterior hand wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Tires degreased & scrubbed
  • Exterior is dried with compressed air & premium micro fiber towels
  • Recommended for vehicles that have been previously decontaminated in between washes
Sedan – $45
5-Seated SUV – $55
7-Seated SUV – $55
Van – $65

Autospa Packages

Enjoy affordable premium auto spa experience with our car cleaning packages. From front to back, sunroof to undercarriage cleaning, we will ensure you have the best autospa experience. It won’t be just a car wash, you will be shocked to see how your car returns back to showroom quality!

The ALL-IN-ONE Package

The All-in-one package was created with budget and time in mind. Recommended bi-annual or tri-annual. Having the surface prepped & polished you will see & feel a huge difference!

The single stage polish will remove minor imperfections and restore colour contrast to the paints finish. As an added bonus it “super” cleans the surface for maximum sealant/wax bonding

Estimated time: 6 hours
Premium Interior Package Single stage machine polish & cleaner wax
Premium Exterior Package Premium sealant or wax for most durability




Extra Services

*Available only with the purchase of exterior or interior package above.

Windows cleaned in & out$10 eachCALL TO BOOK →
Clean all door Jambs$10CALL TO BOOK →
Rims/Tires cleaned & dressed$15 eachCALL TO BOOK →
Interior vacuum including trunk$25CALL TO BOOK →
Hand wash & dry$20CALL TO BOOK →
Interior wipe down (air vent & cup holders)$25CALL TO BOOK →
Clean & Shine dashboard, door panels, center console$25CALL TO BOOK →
Ozone interior air refreshment service (40min)$50CALL TO BOOK →
Engine shampooed and dressed$30CALL TO BOOK →
Headlight restoration$30 eachCALL TO BOOK →
Steam clean carpets, floor mats, seats$40 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Leather deep clean & condition$80CALL TO BOOK →
Salt & Stain removal$40 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Clay bar treatment$50 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Surface rust spot removal$80 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Buffing & PolishingPrice available upon requestCALL TO BOOK →
Window wax$120 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Ceramic exterior wash$70CALL TO BOOK →
Ceramic Coating (lasts 1 year)ask for quoteCALL TO BOOK →
Ceramic Coating (lasts 3 years)ask for quoteCALL TO BOOK →
Ceramic Coating (lasts 5 years)ask for quoteCALL TO BOOK →
Windows Ceramic Coating$150 & upCALL TO BOOK →
1 step polishask for quoteCALL TO BOOK →
Rim coating (x4)$150 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Under carriage wash$15CALL TO BOOK →
Pet hair removal$40 & upCALL TO BOOK →

*Tax not included in pricing


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