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To protect the health & safety of the community, customers and our staff, all interior service booking must have steam cleaning service. With 100ºC  steam cleaning, all interior areas will be sanitized. Give us a call if you have any further questions.

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professional car detailing in Richmond Hill

Car Detailing

Our unique multi-step wash service tailored to prevent surface scratches with only the finest soaps, mitts, and micro fibre towels.

Interior Detailing Richmond Hill

Interior Detailing

We are obsessed with every single detail. Our attention to details will leave you with the best satisfaction.

Professional Ceramic Coating Richmond Hill

Ceramic Coating

Essential to maintaining your vehicle finish provides shine, ease of washing, protection from airborne contaminants and UV protection.

Interior Steam Cleaning Service Richmond Hill

Interior Steam Clean

Interior steam cleaning helps loosen debris & stains to improve cleaning results. An eco-friendly way of sanitizing & disinfecting!

Autospa Packages

Enjoy affordable premium auto spa experience with our car cleaning packages. From front to back, sunroof to undercarriage cleaning, we will ensure you have the best autospa experience. It won’t be just a car wash, you will be shocked to see how your car returns back to showroom quality!

One of a kind auto spa experience

FAQs about car detailing

A typical car detailing service can either be interior, exterior or both. The most common service our customer ask for is getting both interior deep clean and exterior polishing, which is the best value service to experience your car feeling brand new again.

Other car detailing service we provide are: engine shampooed and dressed, headlight restoration, steam clean carpets, floor mats, seats, leather deep clean and conditioning, salt & stain removal, buffing & polishing, ceramic coating, rims coating, under carriage wash and even pet hair removal.

Check out our car detailing pricing menu, give us a call or chat with us online to learn more.

Ceramic coating is one of our premium car detailing service that is popular towards car owners who wish to apply a paint protection coating to their car. It will give the exterior paint of the car long lasting shine – approx. 3 – 5 years depending on how thick of a coating that is applied.

There are lots of benefits to getting a ceramic coating, including:

  • water resistant
  • scratch proof
  • long lasting shine

Recommended to be done after purchasing a new vehicle, you would want to protect its finishing with top quality industry ceramic paint coating – FeynLab, which we have official partnership with the headquarters and we are professional installer.

We currently do not provide mobile car detailing service due to the fact that we only use the best heavy duty equipments that gives the best results for your vehicle. Other mobile detailing services within the GTA can only fit so much equipments in the truck/van. Plus the fact that they can only conduct their service outdoor, there will be alot of limitations when it comes to cleaning your car.

At Sparkle Armor Auto Detailing, we strive to use only the best auto cleaning products in the market and professional equipments which results in top notch quality. Alot of our customers travel all the way from different areas in the GTA to our shop to receive top notch autospa experience.

A typical car detailing service usually takes around 3 – 5 hours depending on type of services you requested. Our ceramic coating service will take at least 3 days because the coating needs to dry up for best results. It is best to leave your car at our shop because we have interior garage to store your vehicle from rain.

For other services, please check our pricing menu, simply give us a call or chat with us online.

  • If you have never got your car detailed before, then you should really give it a try, because regular car wash or coin wash will never achieve what a professional car detailer can. Enjoy your “brand new” car again!
  • Keeping your passengers safe: especially if you have a family, you want to keep your car interior clean and sanitized just like you would keep your own house clean!
  • If you just bought a new car, you should consider getting a ceramic coating to protect its paint, and repel most dirt and debris, keeping your long lasting shine.

If you love your car, then it’s worth every penny to get your car detailed.

Consult with your local car detailing professional if you have any questions about our car detailing services. Give us a call or contact us online.

Orange SUV just got their car detailed in Richmond Hill. Enjoy one of a kind autospa experience!

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